Materials Chemistry Group at Federal University of Paraná



GQM is headed by Prof. Aldo J. G. Zarbin.


Our research focuses in synthesis of nanocomposites based in different carbon nanostructures and several other materials, such as metallic nanoparticles, polymers and inorganic complexes.


Mostly processed as thin films, nanocomposites are applied as batteries, capacitors, catalysts, photovoltaic devices, sensors and electrochromic materials.


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We are at EurJIC!

Our recent paper "Metal-Cation Modified Graphene Oxide as a Precursor for Advanced Materials: Thin Films of Graphene/Prussian Blue Analogues" is online and free to read in the European Journal of Inorganic Chemistry!

This work was developed by Caroline M. Ferreira (egress Master Student) and Maria K. Ramos (PhD student) under the supervision of Prof. Aldo Zarbin.

In this work, we report graphene oxide thin films modified with cations and their reduction to produce reduced graphene oxide/metal nanoparticles as precursors for hexacyanometallates (Prussian blue and its copper analogue, opening new possibilities for the modification of graphene oxide and reduced graphene oxide to obtain complex materials!

New paper!

Our recent paper "Molybdenum-based materials/carbon nanotubes nanocomposites prepared as thin and transparent films for aqueous K-ion batteries" is now available online, on SI of Electrochimica Acta devoted to ISE 2020.

In this work, we prepare nanocomposites between MoS2 and carbon nanotubes as thin films and show their excellent behavior as an anode in aqueous K-ion batteries - more sustainable and safer than Li-ion batteries!

This work was developed by Ariane Schmidt (PhD student), Maria Karolina Ramos (PhD student), Caroline Mariano Ferreira (Master student), and Beatriz Braz (Post doc) under supervision of Prof. Aldo Zarbin.

Caroline master's degree defense

On the past Friday, April 30th, Caroline Mariano Ferreira (or Carolzinha) defended her master's dissertation, titled "Nanocomposites between carbon nanomaterials and hexacyanometallates: synthesis, thin film processing, and application in photovoltaic devices". It was a brilliant defense! Congratulations!

New Paper!

The role of carbon nanotubes on the sensitivity of composites with polyaniline for ammonia sensors.

By Eising, M.; O'Callaghan, C.; Cava, E. C.; Schmidt, A.; Zarbin, A. J. G.; Ferreira, M. S.; Roman, L. S.

At Carbon Trends.

New Paper!

The role of functionalization on the colloidal stability of aqueous fullerene C60 dispersions prepared with fullerides.

By Damasceno, J. P. V.; Hof, F.; Chauvet, O.; Zarbin, A. J. G.; Pénicaud, A.  

At Carbon.

Article published at Carbon (IF = 8.821), as a result of the doctoral internship of the PhD student João Paulo V. Damasceno, under the supervision of Prof. Aldo J. G. Zarbin, in another fruitful collaboration with the group of Alain Pénicaud, from the University of Bordeaux - France, with the participation of Ferdinan Hof (CRPP / Bordeaux) and Oliver Chaveut (U. Nantes), in which we prepare stable aqueous disperions of fullerenes nanoparticles.

New Paper!

Conductive ink based on PEDOT nanoparticles dispersed in water without organic solvents, passivant agents or metallic residues.

By Das Neves, M. F. F.; Damasceno, J. P. V.; Junior, O. D. L.; Zarbin, A. J. G.; Roman, L. S. 

At Synthetic Metals.

Beautiful work in collaboration with Prof. Lucimara Roman, carried out by master student Matheus das Neves (Physics-UFPR), PhD student João Paulo Damasceno (GQM-UFPR), and with the participation of Osvaldo D. L. Junior, in which we developed a system for preparing paint based on conducting polymer nanoparticles PEDOT (without PSS) in water!

New Paper!

SERS detection and comprehensive study of p-nitrophenol: towards pesticide sensing.

By Hostert, L.; Blacn, C.; Zarbin, A. J. G.; Anglaret, E.; Orth, E. S.

At New Journal Of Chemistry.

Article derived from Leandro Hostert thesis, which the supervision of Prof. Dr. Elisa S. Orth and co-supervision of Prof. Dr. Aldo J. G. Zarbin, in collaboration with Prof. Dr. Eric Anglaret and Prof. Dr. Christophe Blanc of Physics Department of the University of Montpellier - France. Here we use different metallic nanoparticles and their nanocomposites with graphene, processed as thin films, as substrates in the detection of extremely low quantities of a target molecule for monitoring pesticides, through SERS (Surface Enhanced Raman Spectroscopy).

New Paper!

Liquid–liquid interfaces: a unique and advantageous environment to prepare and process thin films of complex materials.

By Aldo J. G. Zarbin

At Materials Horizon

In 2010 we published in the Chemistry of Materials, of American Chemical Society, our first article about a new method of preparation and processing of materials, based on imiscible liquid interfaces. This method, totally developed at GQM-UFPR, solves a technological problem of very high relevance - the preparation of thin films of materials with a high degree of complexity, which was not possible to be carried out until then. The application possibilities of this new technology, result of Brazilian science at a Public University, are countless, in areas such solar cells, batteries, sensors, catalysis, among many others, many of which are under development in our group. Since then, there have been more than 50 articles on the topic, which has made GQM-UFPR a world reference in this area, with several research groups in more than 30 countries aroun the world reproducing and referecing our work. 

The recognition of this effort came by an invitation from the editorial board of the journal Materials Horizons, edited by the Royal Society of Chemistry, one of the most respect in the area (IF = 12.319), to write a review article on the topic, already available for acess as an "advanced article".

New Paper!

Conformational and Electron Dynamics Changes Induced by Cooling Treatment on GO: PEDOT: PSS Transparent Electrodes.

By Holaokei, S.; Veiga, A. G.; Turci, C.C.; Das Neves, M. F. F.; Wouk, L.; Damasceno, J. P. V.; Zarbin, A. J. G., Roman, L. S.; Rocco, M. L. M. 

At The Journal of Physical Chemistry C

New Paper!

"A black phosphorus-based cathode for aqueous Na-ion batteries operating under ambient conditions". By Jéssica E. S. FonsacaSergio H. DominguesElisa S. Orth and Aldo J. G. Zarbin.

at Chemical Communications

Fall Meeting of the Materials Research Society 2019

Presentation by Prof. Aldo Zarbin at the Materials Research Society's Fall Meeting in Boston-USA, 2019.

Prof. Aldo Zarbin was elected a full member of the Brazilian Academy of Sciences!

This is one of the greatest recognitions that a scientist can achieve! Prof Aldo's victorious and committed scientific trajectory is worthy of such a noble distinction! CONGRATULATIONS Prof Aldo Zarbin!