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Materials Chemistry Group at Federal University of Paraná



GQM is headed by Prof. Aldo J. G. Zarbin.


Our research focuses in synthesis of nanocomposites based in different carbon nanostructures and several other materials, such as metallic nanoparticles, polymers and inorganic complexes.


Mostly processed as thin films, nanocomposites are applied as batteries, capacitors, catalysts, photovoltaic devices, sensors and electrochromic materials.


Know more about our research here!


PhD defense of Cristian Souza

Yesterday, we celebrated the successful PhD defense of Cristian Souza, whose remarkable research titled " Thin films of nanocomposites between different carbon and pedot nanomaterials at liquid interfaces: preparation, characterization and properties study ". Professor Aldo Zarbin guided the defense, with the participation of professors Lucimara Roman, Sérgio Domingues, Márcio Peres e Kahlil Schwanka Salome. Congratulations on your work, Cris, and may your scientific journey be filled with brilliance!! We extend our heartfelt gratitude to the entire professors for their valuable participation, and we eagerly look forward to the next GQM defense.

23rd NT conference and University of Toulouse/University of Montpellier visits

Over the past two weeks, Professor Aldo Zarbin had an eventful time in France, engaging in extensive dissemination and scientific discussions. Firstly, he participated in the 23rd NT conference held in Arcachon, France, from June 4 to 9, 2023. During the conference, he delivered a lecture titled "Nanoarchitecting low-dimensional materials at liquid/liquid interfaces: thin films for broader technological applications." The NT series is renowned as one of the most influential scientific conferences in the field of nanoscience and technology.

After the conference, Professor Aldo visited the University of Toulouse, where he presented another lecture titled "Preparing and processing multicomponent materials at liquid/liquid interfaces: thin films for enlarging technological applications." Finally, concluding his time in France, he travelled to the University of Montpellier. There, he delivered two lectures, one in the chemistry department and another in the physics department, at the Charles Coulomb laboratory.

46th edition of the Annual Meeting of the Brazilian Society of Chemistry (SBQ)

GQM took part in the 46th edition of the Annual Meeting of the Brazilian Society of Chemistry (SBQ) held in Águas de Lindóia, São Paulo, this week. Founded in 1977, SBQ is the leading chemistry society in the country, aiming to foster the growth and unity of the Brazilian chemical community while promoting the dissemination of Chemistry and its significant impact on the country's development and citizens' quality of life. The central theme for this year's event was "Chemistry: Connecting sciences and neutralizing inequalities." Our PhD student Carla Klimpovuz delivered an oral presentation, and students Amanda, Ariane, Carla, and Victor presented on panels, this being the first congress by our student Victor. The 2023 SBQ featured remarkable conferences and invaluable contributions from the core of women at SBQ, promoting the incredible women who do science in Brazil every day. We express our gratitude to SBQ for the opportunity and look forward to future engagements.

Ariane Schmidt's Qualification

Yesterday, we celebrated the successful PhD qualification of Ariane Schmidt, whose remarkable research titled "Nanocomposites based on two-dimensional materials at liquid-liquid interfaces: preparation, characterization and applications". Professor Aldo Zarbin guided the defense, with the participation of professors Izabel Vidotti Miyata, Herbert Winnischofer and Diego Guedes Sobrinho. Congratulations for the work Ari!! We extend our heartfelt gratitude to the entire professors for their valuable participation, and we eagerly look forward to the next GQM defense.

Participation of GQM in the reportage of Fantástico

This past Sunday, our group (GQM-UFPR) participated in a beautiful and much needed report on Fantástico (@showdavida) about Brazilian science. Here it was demonstrated that science has always gone through difficulties and how in the last four years this situation has worsened with the absurd cuts it has suffered. Today, with countless broken equipment, researchers without salaries and brain drain, universities in Brazil continue to face and fight to do the cutting-edge science they have always done.

You can see the complete report in the button "Read more".


This week we are receiving two French researchers, the result of a collaboration in a CAPES/COFECUB project that is coordinated by Prof. Aldo Zarbin. Prof. Eric from the University of Montpellier, who specializes in vibrational spectroscopy, and Prof. Alain Penicaud from the University of Bordeaux, who specializes in the preparation of colloidal dispersions of nanostructures, mainly carbon. In addition to the visit, the professors honored us with incredible lectures. Prof. Eric brought a little about his work with “Near infrared spectroscopic studies of single-walled carbon nanotubes” and Prof Alain enchanted us with “The Story of NanoCarbons”. Finally, we are also receiving a visit from Tiago Serodre, who is a doctoral candidate in science and technology of radiation, minerals and materials at the CDTN, supervised by Prof. Clascídia Furtado, and was a visiting researcher in Montpellier with Prof. Eric. This week Tiago is learning about the art of making thin films by the GQM method with the materials he developed in Brazil and France.

Maria Karolina Ramos' doctoral qualification

On February 14th, Maria Karolina Ramos' doctoral qualification was held! With the work "Nanoarchitecting materials: thin films of copper oxides, molybdenum disulfide and carbon nanomaterials as anodes of aqueous batteries of sodium and potassium ions" and the panel was directed by professor Aldo Zarbin, with the participation of professors Marcela de Oliveira , Luiz Humberto and Márcio Peres. Congratulations Karol, another milestone accomplished!

We really appreciate the participation of the entire panel and until the next GQM panel!

LatinXChem 2022

In November GQM participated in LatinXChem 2022! LatinXChem is a virtual forum through which the community of Latin American chemists located anywhere in the world can share and discuss the results and advances of their research. We had a beautiful participation from GQM with the work of PhD students Amanda, Ariane, Carla, Karol and Thiago! In addition, the GQM also participated in the work of scientific initiation student André, supervised by professor Elisa Orth from GCC-UFPR, and in the work of doctoral student Denys, supervised by professor Dênio from Laesb-UFPR.

to all our students and until the next LatinXchem.Finally, the work “Liquid-liquid interfaces for transparent, flexible and conductive electrodes” produced in collaboration with some GQM students and presented by student Ariane won as the best poster in the field of nanomaterials. And the work “Construction of multivalent platforms for the development of electrochemical and optical bio(sensors)” by student Denys also received an honorable mention in the area of nanomaterials.Congratulations

8th Meeting of INCT Nanocarbono

In November, the 8th Meeting of the INCT Nanocarbono and the 2nd Meeting of the 2D network also took place. These meetings were in Uberlândia - Minas Gerais and had hundreds of researchers from different states of Brazil. The INCT meeting is always very important for GQM due to the high quality of the lectures given, the reunion with great friends and partners, and this year was even more special due to the mass presence of current GQM students and former GQM students. who today have their research groups and do very inspiring science 💚

Thank you all for these amazing days!!

Come take a look at the current children, older brothers and grandchildren of GQM! This big family that makes a lot of difference in Brazilian science

7th Meeting of Self-Assembly Structures in Solutions and Interfaces (AutoOrg 2022)

In November happened the 7th Meeting of Self-Assembly Structures in Solutions and Interfaces (AutoOrg 2022) in Bento Gonçalves, and our PhD students Maria Karolina Ramos and Carla Klimpovuz took the GQM with them to this incredible event. AutoOrg is an event focused on cutting-edge topics such as colloids, organized systems, interfaces and related areas, welcoming experts from around the world. In parallel with the meeting, students and young researchers had the opportunity to participate in a mini-course during the meeting called the Autoorg Seminar, presenting their own results. Our girls made their presentations at the panel session, and Karol was invited to give an oral presentation at the AutoOrg Seminar, and presented the work “Thin Films of Carbon Nanomaterials with Molybdenum Disulfide for Batteries”. The event was sensational, with high-quality lectures and amazing companies, thank you AutoOrg for the opportunity and we will meet again in the next edition.

20th Meeting of the Brazilian Material Research Society (SBPMat)

This week the 20th Meeting of the Brazilian Material Research Society (SBPMat) took place in Foz de Iguaçu and, our PhD student Amanda Pereira took the GQM with her to this fantastic event. Amanda had the pleasure of presenting two works orally in the sessions coordinated during the meeting. The first work was the result of her master's degree entitled “Comparison of methods for synthesis of bimetallic nanoparticles: a new way that facilitates the formation of films on silica substrates”, under the supervision of Professor Marcela; and a second work was developed at the GQM under the supervision of Professor Aldo Zarbin and co-supervision of Professor Camila, entitled “Study of thin films of nanomaterials by scanning probe microscopy”. Thank you SBPMat for the opportunity and we will meet again in the next edition.

74th Annual Meeting of the Brazilian Society for the Progress of Science (SBPC)

This week Professor Aldo Zarbin participated in the 74th Annual Meeting of the SBPC in Brasília – DF. The Brazilian Society for the Progress of Science (SBPC) is a civil, non-profit organization or political-party position, dedicated to defending scientific and technological advancement and Brazil's educational and cultural development. At this year's meeting, there was a lot of discussion about how education, science and culture are the paths to the future of Brazil! Inspiring exhibitions by the great Brazilian scientists and a perfect collection of cordel literature from Ildeu Moreira's personal collection were part of the meeting. Professor Aldo coordinated a very important discussion on “The future of the Brazilian university”, and he also had the pleasure of talking and giving a class on nanotechnology to students and teachers of a high school in Planaltina. 

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